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Bulova Corporation: congratulations on your 100th anniversary

A reputable, stylish brand-name timepiece carries a certain cachet. Bulova-Wittnauer Special Markets has earned a passionate following among consumers and corporate incentive buyers for over 130 years–with good reason. Bulova-Wittnauer Special Markets offers recognized and trusted brand names such as Bulova, Accutron, Caravelle, Bulova Precisionist Review and Wittnauer that are supported by a dynamic consumer advertising program on TV, radio, and in print. A variety of prices and styles fit every program. Products offer superior quality and durability and exceptional customization options abound. And Bulova-Wittnauer Special Markets has a proven commitment to service, fulfillment, and support.

With their universal appeal and utility, timepieces continue to be one of the most attractive and valued items for recognition programs, consumer promotions, sales and dealer incentives, and corporate giving. With The Bulova Corporation’s powerful portfolio of brands, it is your company’s definitive timepiece resource.


1875: Joseph Bulova, a 23-year-old immigrant from Bohemia, opens a small jewelry shop on Maiden Lane in New York City

1911: Bulova begins manufacturing and selling boudoir and table clocks as well as fine pocketwatches.

1912: Bulova sets up its first plant dedicated to the production of watch components and their assembly into jeweled movements in Bienne, Switzerland

1920: Bulova Watch Company, Inc. moves to 580 Fifth Avenue in New York and builds the Bulova Observatory on top of the building for the taking of sidereal time

1923: Bulova perfects a new concept in the watch industry with total standardization of parts

1924: Bulova unveils the first full line of ladies’ watches

1927: Bulova Watch Company goes public on the American Stock Exchange

October 25, 1960: Accutron, the first watch to keep time through electronics, is introduced. This revolutionary time keeping concept of a watch without springs or escapement is operated by an electronically activated tuning fork. The Accutron watch goes on to become a presidential gift to world leaders and other dignitaries. President Johnson declares it the White House’s official Gift of State

1960: NASA asks Butova to incorporate Accutron into its computers for the space program. Bulova timing mechanisms eventually become an integral part of 46 missions of the U.S. Space Program.

2001: Two of the world’s most prominent timekeeping names unite when Wittnauer, founded 1880, is aquired by Bulova Corporation

2004: With the introduction of the dramatically stylized Montserrat Collection, Wittnauer adds sleek, contemporary design to its more traditionally elegant special occasion watch collections

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